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Sikkim is getting all the attention in the North East, and deservedly so. We love all our babies, and we make no discrimination. But Mizoram is truly getting off the beaten track. Be prepared to visit a state that is just not on the tourist horizon. Be prepared to find none of the glamorous resorts you might find elsewhere.

Our Mizoram tours are for you, the discerning traveler, who aches for a different experience. Mizoram promises serene mountains, rolling landscapes, and a culture that is a mix of several different countries all at once. Don’t believe us? Try any one of our signature Mizoram experiences to find out.

Mizoram Collection

Our collection of curated Mizoram tours. Mizoram is one of the most offbeat destinations in India, and one that we believe is charming in its laidback way. You can come here to walk over to Burmese villages, or just take gentle treks where you can explore fascinating Mizo culture.