Fixed Departures


We have been there. Done that. We know that traveling is to explore places on your own. But that’s not all that travel is. Traveling is also to understand each other. When we travel with a group, we are opening ourselves up to the experiences of being with a bunch of like-minded people who are also experiencing this trip for the first time.

Our range of fixed departure tours is carefully curated and give you the joy of traveling with the same wide-eyed wonder of traveling alone. We don’t believe in giving you a completely fixed itinerary. Most of our tours allow you the freedom to be on your own and hang out with your new friends. Group travel gets you out of your comfort zone and overcomes those years of carefully built inhibitions.

If you want to customize any of our fixed departure tours, please do write in to us at If you have a group of 6 or more, we can always change the dates of these fixed departure tours to suit your convenience. Really, the possibilities are endless. After all, this is your journey just as much as it is ours. Welcome to offbeat travel. Welcome to experiential travel.