Bhutan: The Land Of Happiness. Truly

Bhutan is not without reason called “The Land of Happiness.” The country is one of the most magical places on earth and it remains one of our favorite countries to visit. You don’t go to Bhutan to shop. You go to Bhutan to get away from shopping. You don’t go to Bhutan for beaches. You go to Bhutan for wide, sweeping mountains. You don’t go to Bhutan for parties. You go to Bhutan for calm.

We have a wide range of Bhutan tours, handpicked and curated. We also customize any of our Bhutan tours and packages. We hate that word, packages. It implies something neatly wrapped and presented to you in a package. Bhutan is anything but that. Bhutan is the Land of Smiles. Bhutan is the country where you forget you have a million worries. Not because the country does not have worries of its own but because Bhutan simply invites you to be aware of those worries and be present in the moment.

Visit Bhutan to explore the happiness and uniqueness of the country. This landlocked country offers some most spectacular mountain scenarios. At Trippin Traveller, we specialize in organizing tailor made holidays in Bhutan for independent travelers and small groups wishing to fully experience this beautiful land. Join us.