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To travel is to live in ways that we discover ourselves. It’s this discovery that pushes us to seek anew the journeys that lie ahead

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Story of the Trippin Travellers

Once upon a time, there were two friends. Diffident and subdued, they loved to lose themselves in the pages of a book and imagine the worlds they read about.

One day it all changed. They decided to teach English. In China. And travel happened.
Today, they are a couple of culturenauts with a serious affliction. They are lost if they don’t wander. They fly to keep themselves grounded. They seek change in order to remain unchanged. They prefer to soak in a new city than a bathtub.

They are the Trippin Travellers. Over the past few years, they have climbed volcanoes, peeked into sulphuric lakes, floated in the Dead Sea, wandered through prehistoric ruins… and much more. They are backpackers whose rush is the serendipitous joy of discovering. Through their site they hope you find that joy too. They hope to make the process of your travel easier so that you can explore unhindered. Find that smile, all the time.

PS: They still love to immerse themselves in books.

Our Team

Smitha Murthy
Director & Co-Founder

An author. Occasional writer. Non-believer. Wordless traveler. I am restless, a wanderer with no roots. I can be found writing on my own blog at smithamurthy.com. Available for travel consultancy, personalized trip planning, and just fun ol' conversations on travel. As a traveler, I love Asia with its multi-hues of culture. I am a vegetarian, and by now, because of dietary intolerances, mostly vegan. I believe in traveling without a map, but with a GPS! Travel not because you want to see, but because you want to feel. Travel because there is so much to learn. It's not needed that you have to step outside your house to travel. It's enough that we step outside the confines of our mind. So join me in creating a more sustainable world.

Swati Nair

In my previous life, I was a writer and editor for 12 years in the corporate world. But I always, always enjoyed travelling and did so extensively. Finally, I decided that I need to share my love of travel in different ways. That's how I am now enjoying the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

Akshatha Sajumon
Chief Tour Specialist/Financial Operations

A traveler at heart, I spend hours dreaming about my next trip. The world of finance was  my professional choice over the years. But it's in travel that I find that I can lose myself. I have a fascination for the Middle East, and Morocco has been one of my dream destinations! India is my special interest - I love exploring this beautiful country and creating handcrafted tours for our clients. Do vacations have to be about relaxing and spending time at luxurious places all the time? At least, I don't think so. Vacations are fun, yes. They have to be! But also for me, every travel opportunity is about learning something new. When I am not creating tours, I spend some time writing about them here!  


Director and CEO of Aeon Telectronics, I have vast experience in the world of business and business strategies. Travel has always been a passion, even though most of it has been on work! I believe that Trippin Traveller's cause of promoting responsible tourism is something I identify with and promote. I offer consulting and strategization as well as refining of the business model for Trippin as their Mentor.

Soumita Ghosh
Content Writer

I am an absolute introvert with my love for novels exceeding my love for movies. If you ever hear someone shouting, "That's not how it was in the book!", inside a movie theatre, it's definitely me. I love to paint and write. I wish to be an editor someday and own a personal library.

Curated marketplace for offbeat & eco-friendly tours

Responsible Tourism

We want you to have the finest travel experience. And that means no compromise on quality. We select our travel operators after careful curation. We believe the testimonies and feedback our customers give us. We spend many a lonely hour refining our list, wondering the best we can offer you. We specialize in offbeat & eco-friendly tours. If you find it on Trippin, then you can rest assured there’s a reason why. It would be the most wonderful offbeat experience. Or the luxury trip of a lifetime. And with a complete commitment to responsible travel.

How we make money

Delivering travel experiences

Like with any marketplace, we make money from the tour operators. We curate all tours, and our travel specialists are carefully chosen. We use our own sophisticated algorithm. It’s called “feedback.” When we hand your trip over to our travel operators, we believe that they are the best in the business.

For any other services, which includes requests for personalized itineraries or travel consultancy, we charge a small fee to you.

Our commitment & values

Responsible Tourism

We believe that today’s traveler seeks authenticity, value, and that indiscernible thirst for experience. We choose our operators with care. Because we care for you. We have tried hard not to fall into the herd mentality. That’s why we are not a MakemyTrip. Every tour here is one we have handpicked. We believe in culturally and ecologically sustainable travel. We are guided by our commitment to YOU.

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